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Neodymium Energy is a magnetic research company on Long Island New York.


In 2006, we started to investigate and research how it would be possible to use the potential energy in a magnet. Just like the magnets stuck on your fridge, the potential energy is the magnetic field that pulls magnets together or repels them according to the pole direction. We researched every possible claim including patents by combing the Internet for designs that claim to have achieved potential energy breakthroughs. We studied the designs that seemed plausible and then asked Magnaworks Technology, a reputable magnetic company, to assist us in dissecting the claims. What we found was that all of the claims were focused on what is referred to as “push pull systems,” which are known in the magnetic industry as “magnetic speed bumps” that claim to not follow the law of thermodynamics. We had to come up with and develop an alternative system that could supplement input without breaking any laws of physics. After dozens of prototypes and researching hundreds of magnetic interactions, we were awarded a United States Patent for our unique ability to induce motion. The research continues today and we are ready to place our first unit into a solar hybrid system to test and ultimately supplement the power in your home.

Home desk charger

Micro solar Power station for the home.

current initiatives

 Micro Solar Power Station, now on "INDIEGOGO".  Click Here

 Micro Solar Power Station, now on "INDIEGOGO".  Click Here