powering your world through alternative energy research

about us

Our goal

Extend the benefits of green technologies

By providing and or incorporation our research technology into current GREEN energy systems, we can increase efficiencies in motors and generators. Wind turbines and developing technologies are perfectly suitable.


02. Utilize our technology to reduce global fossil fuel emissions

Through the increase in efficiencies we can reduce the amount of fossil fuels burned that create energy.


03. Bring energy to the developing world to provide electricity and clean drinking water 

One of the many focuses of Neodymium Energy is addressing the energy needs of the developing world through innovative new GREEN technologies that can provide electricity and clean drinking water. By applying our technology to various emerging technologies we can begin to do deliver energy and clean drinking water with greater benefits. 


Neodymium Energy is a magnetic research company on Long Island New York.


The goal of the company is to research ways magnets can benefit industry by supplementing power requirements for motors, generators and pressure systems. The ultimate goal is to increase energy efficiencies and thus reduce the amount of fossil fuels used.

The company has conducted eight years of research into various magnetic technologies and has shared their research with prestigious Universities and the Department of Energy as well as private companies to help improve energy efficiencies.

The company continues to research and find ways for industry to generate electricity at lower costs with its patented IP Technology.

Magnaworks Technology Inc., Long Islands top magnetic research and manufacturer, specializes in innovative magnet design to solve the industries most complex problems.

Aiello Designs services include Patent Searches and Protection, 3D CAD Engineering, building real, working Prototypes, and getting the product into Production anywhere in the world.

The Greco planning group is a full service financial management company.

Offering business planning and consulting. Please feel free to contact Jeffrey Greco for all of your financial needs.